SAT Tutoring

Parents - register early to give your students time to practice the skills we teach them for best score results.  It takes time!  

We offer help that can give an overview of each section or detailed help. 

It all depends on the amount of time you want to spend over the summer.

Strategies, Reading/Language, Math, Essay (Science for ACT)

We recommend detailed help over the summer for students who performed average in school and who tested under 1000/18 on the PSAT/(Pre-ACT).

Workshops are not held in the summer due to the low number of students.

Private tutoring includes detailed cognitive instruction.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring for SAT/ACT Prep yields better results.  

Students who took advantage of the private tutoring 

had much higher scores.

Private tutoring in test prep classes offers one-to-one drill and test practice in each section.

ACT workshops are no longer offered due to the low numbers of students requesting them. They are available for groups upon request.


How many sessions will my child need?

Every student is different.  We suggest parent guidance at home to make sure the student is practicing and studying techniques that they learn here.

What if my child's score doesn't increase?

It isn't unusual for students to freeze the first time around despite efforts to ease their fears during workshops.  Some schools are now  giving students practice time to alleviate anxiety. Most colleges will look at the best section score of all tests. Check with the individual colleges to see what they look at.

Can my child retake one section of the test?

No.  The entire test must be retaken.

Store/Tutoring Hours

Summer hours:

Mon-Thu        11:00-6:00 

Saturdays      10:00-3:00

No tutoring  June 29-July 7 and August 26-August 30.

CLOSED Fourth of July week and LABOR DAY weekend!