SAT and ACT Workshops

We have four (4) separate workshops that give an overview of each section of the SAT and ACT.  This workshop is recommended for students who perform well in school and who tested over 1000/18 in the 10th grade. These are strictly overviews.  Workshops may be private or in groups up to six (6).

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring for SAT/ACT Prep yields better results.  Students who took advantage of the private tutoring had much higher scores.

These are students who actually practiced at home and used our techniques.



Buy three (3) workshops and get the 

book free!


How many sessions will my child need?

Every student is different.  We suggest parent guidance at home to make sure the student is practicing and studying techniques at home.

What if my child's score doesn't increase?

It isn't unusual for students to freeze the first time around despite efforts to ease their fears during workshops.  Schools are now  giving students practice time to alleviate anxiety.

Can my child retake one section of the test?

No.  The entire test must be retaken.

Fall Tutoring Hours are Changing!

Students will be starting on the half hour instead of on the hour.  We hope this helps our high school and elementary students to get here earlier.  

We will still have two late days:

Mon - Wed       3:30-7:30

Tues-Thurs       3:30-6:30

Saturdays        10:00-3:00